How Recollective Used Their Platform to Engage Employees in Defining Powerful Core Values

For many years at Recollective, a small group of dedicated individuals worked alongside the company founders, wearing many hats and solely focused on getting things done. There was no time to think about company culture or to define core values.

For many years at Recollective, a small group of dedicated individuals worked alongside the company founders, wearing many hats and solely focused on getting things done. There was no time to think about company culture or to define core values.

However, over time, a company culture has taken root at Recollective. We understand that our work culture is key to the success of our company and that it is underpinned by a set of core values that we all share. Despite this, until recently, we were unable to clearly or consistently articulate what these values were. What is it that we have in common that shapes the culture and makes Recollective such a great place to work?

We decided it's important to define our core values to help sustain the work culture we're proud of, which has helped drive our success. These values will guide us in hiring people who share similar values, shaping our people programs and policies, and guiding the way we act and make decisions.

This is where our Recollective Core Values Study comes into play.

Our HR team partnered with our in-house researchers on our Research Services team to determine the best approach and design for a study that would not only yield meaningful insights but also ensure our employees’ voices were part of the process in bringing our core values to life. For these key reasons, a qualitative study that could dig deep beyond surface level responses was a perfect fit.

Of course, we chose to use our own qualitative research platform because of its sheer versatility and because we’re pretty big fans! With 13 different task types, we were able to creatively design an engaging study for our employee community.

The short study combined powerful tasks like Fill the Blanks and Cards Sorts that allowed us to get qualitative and quantitative insights. The study started off broad and explored employees’ journey with Recollective and the importance of a strong company culture then honed in on Recollective core values.

By using the analysis tools in Recollective, like tagging, dynamic word clouds, auto-generated graphs and charts, we were able to easily extract trends and themes. Additionally, we checked to ensure there were no significant differences in the results across different employee groups by using our powerful segmentation and filtering capabilities.

"When companies set out to define their core values, it's often challenging to effectively engage employees in the process. Using Recollective, we easily gathered input from our people around the world and used the software to transform the data into insights that ultimately shaped our core values."

Jennifer Fong

VP Human Resources / Recollective

The study was incredibly successful with over a 90% completion rate and yielded a lot of useful information. From this, we distilled all the insights down to five powerful words that represent our Recollective Core Values. These core values define what we stand for, guide our decisions and dictate how we act.

This study is part of creating, encouraging and fostering a healthy company culture!

Alizée Albrecht

Technical Operations Consultant / Recollective

Our work culture is shaped by people who share these core values:

Transparency - Embrace transparency

We communicate with unparalleled transparency and trust each other with the truth. We keep our promises to our customers and each other. We do the right thing, not the easy thing, every time.

Drive - Focus on growth

With curiosity and passion, we find new ways to grow our product, our business and ourselves. We strive with an entrepreneurial spirit to learn and help each other grow with each new experience and each new day.

Excellence - Pursue excellence

We passionately build, sell and support a world class product. We are customer obsessed and always go the extra mile (and then some) to deliver excellence. We do our best work every day.

Humanity - Be human

We make the world at work, and the world outside of work, better for people. We help the team win by helping the people on our team win. We act with compassion, and treat people with kindness and respect.

Team - Do it together

We are a diverse team of talented individuals. We value our differences and leverage our unique skills and experiences to harvest new ideas and better solutions. We know that we can only reach our goals by getting there together.

We’re excited for the future as we continue to build on our incredible culture guided by our shared values.

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Recollective has a culture of transparency and open communication where employees feel informed and included in the decisions that impact us as a whole.

Solmas Baibordi

Interaction Designer / Recollective

Paul Horton
Chief Human Resources Officer

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