Insights for Impact Award: Qualitative Research Recap

Qualitative research is the engine that drives positive change in organizations, including those that are not-for-profit. With the 2024 Insights for Impact Award: Qualitative Research, Recollective and Insight Platforms inspired qualitative researchers to conduct online research for a charity or non-profit organization of their choice. Qualifying candidates had the opportunity to present their findings among established researchers during the Qualitative Insights Summit from May 14-16.

The winning researcher, Carmen Byrne, submitted her project proposal in support of the UK-based veterans’ charity Help for Heroes. Using Recollective’s ultimate research platform, Carmen will conduct high-quality market research for a three-month period to gather insights and better understand the recovery support needs of military veterans and their families. Carmen will also receive a $1,000 USD contribution toward recruitment and incentives for her study as well as the opportunity to present the project as a case study in an Insight Platforms webinar. 

Congratulations to Carmen, and thank you to all of our great candidates! To learn more about the fantastic cohort of researchers and not-for-profit project proposals, read below:

Ashleigh Purcell - Covenant House

Ashleigh is a professional researcher with almost 15 years of experience who loves digging into human behavior, learning about various topics and industries and helping clients make decisions. 

Using the Recollective platform, Ashleigh would collaborate with Covenant House, a non-profit supporting youth homelessness across various countries. She proposed conducting qualitative research and engaging with donors through tasks and focus groups. This would be followed by a quantitative phase utilizing Recollective’s Qualtrics integration to quantify insights and provide recommendations to Covenant House for increasing donations and donor retention.

Audrey Hollaher - Nurses Transforming Healthcare

Audrey Hollaher, of Storied Research, is a scientist by training and an independent qualitative market research consultant by practice. She specializes in pharma, healthcare, biotech and diagnostics. Audrey pitched a market research project for the non-profit Nurses Transforming Healthcare (NTH) to explore engagement motivations and barriers. The NTH team strives to understand its passive engagers, specifically examining why people choose to support NTH through meeting attendance and financial donations but do not choose to become active engagers.

The Recollective platform would enable Audrey to prompt study participants to submit narrated video responses and/or text responses to share much-needed insights. She would conduct message testing, polls and ranking exercises to capture sentiment and explore the resonance of the Nurses Transforming Healthcare name, and test alternative options. Additionally, Audrey proposed  leveraging the Recollective team's support to use other platform capabilities, like an unmoderated discussion forum, to enhance the study and provide additional value to respondents.

Carmen Byrne - Help for Heroes

Carmen Byrne, the winner of the 2024 Insights for Impact Award, is a researcher at Help for Heroes, a charity that provides recovery support to military veterans and their families.

Carmen plans to utilize Recollective to build a collaborative online research community that engages with help-seeking veterans and family members across the UK to understand their experiences and improve recovery services. Carmen aims to measure well-being, evaluate community engagement and empower individuals through homework tasks, polls and card sorting. The goal is to identify change-making potential, improve understanding and reach more veterans and families preventatively.

Coco Ravan - CoppaFeel!

Coco Ravan is a senior researcher at Magenta who is motivated to uncover hidden truths about consumer worlds. Coco has been volunteering with CoppaFeel!, a breast cancer awareness charity, since 2018 and is passionate about raising awareness among young people.

Coco proposed using Recollective's platform to engage Gen Z in discussions about healthcare, which is intrinsically tied to CoppaFeel!’s youth-focused mission. By leveraging an online community, Coco would explore Gen Z's views, attitudes and barriers toward accessing health information, and aim to increase confidence in seeking healthcare among young people.

Ellie Hecht - California Youth Climate Leaders

Ellie Hecht is the head of 10K Causes and Academic Research at 10K Humans, and she proposed a project to collaborate with California Youth Climate Leaders. The project would aim to boost engagement, involve the community in climate actions and support legislative efforts for a sustainable future.

Ellie would utilize the Recollective platform for a mixed method approach by incorporating the poll function for quantitative research, running 10 IDIs and utilizing Recollective AI to assist with analysis. This approach intends to provide a balanced perspective and help answer questions regarding boosting engagement for California Youth Climate Leaders.

James Cox - Black Footballers Partnership

James Cox is a researcher at Thinks, and he discussed the importance of addressing diversity and inclusion challenges in women's football. Through the Black Footballers Partnership, a study would be conducted focusing on experiences, barriers to access and ideas for addressing these challenges. The study would aim to influence policy, improve support for footballers and raise awareness through major media outlets.

With a Recollective online community, James would conduct in-depth interviews to explore experiences, barriers and solutions related to DEI in women’s football. Utilizing the platform’s multimedia response options, this approach would allow for a comprehensive examination of the topic and the collection of data from a diverse sample.

Layla Shea - Children of the Street

Layla Shea, Founder and Chief Insights Officer at Upwords, proposed a research project to support Children of the Street in helping parents navigate conversations about online sexual exploitation with their children.

Layla would utilize the Recollective platform to conduct her research and dig deep into what parents currently understand about their children’s online activities, how they feel about having these difficult conversations and what would help them navigate these discussions to help keep their kids safe. To do this, she would gather insights through focus groups, online discussions and one-on-one interviews to develop resources that empower parents to safeguard their children and combat online exploitation effectively.

To learn more about the Insights for Impact Award, visit Insight Platforms and discover how these seven finalists are using qualitative research to make a difference in the non-profit sector.


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