Recollective Zoomed In Mini Sessions

Explore our series below to find ways you can use specific Task Types to make your studies and reports more engaging. Welcome to Recollective Zoomed In, a mini webinar series that looks at different parts of the Recollective platform.

Photo Task

Learn how Photos can be used to collect ideas and opinions with supplementary images for your reporting.

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Sort & Rank Task

In this task type highlight, discover how you can conduct a collage, a concept development exercise, a competitor analysis, and more.

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Video Review Task

Discover some interesting use cases for testing marketing content, 3D Product Concept Testing and User Experience Testing with the Video Review task type.

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Image Review Task

Have participants evaluate concepts all the way to capturing their feelings, thoughts and emotions through prepared images, perceptual maps, timelines and collages.

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Grid Task

In this video, learn how you can conduct a rating, a ranking, a sorting exercise, and more with the Grid task.

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Fill the Blanks Task

Discover how you can use Fill The Blanks to create custom forms, test stimuli, create a madlibs exercise and more.

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Prompt Task

Provide more structure to your activities, encourage participants along the tasks, and direct them toward any pages that are relevant to your research, either internally or externally with the Prompt Task.

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