Surging to the Top of GRIT’s 2023 Most Innovative Suppliers List

For a fifth consecutive year, we have continued our upward momentum in GRIT’s Business & Innovation Report further solidifying us as a key player not only in the ResTech space but the market research industry as a whole.

Recollective’s success as an industry-leading research platform is driven by a culture of innovation inspired by our customers’ evolving needs. We believe that innovation is more than just the next best feature; it’s a mindset that requires us to think critically, challenge norms and find creative solutions that bring value to our customers. To be named as a leading innovator among such strong industry talent is an achievement that fills us with a tremendous sense of pride and fuels our passion to keep moving the industry forward.

“We’re thrilled to have made it into the GRIT Most Innovative Suppliers List for the fifth year in a row,” said Stephen Thompson, COO at Recollective.

“Our original vision for Recollective was to create the most robust and flexible platform to enable all qual researchers to bring their innovative research to life, in their unique way. We’re delighted that more researchers than ever before recognize that and continue to choose Recollective.”

This year, Laura Pulito, VP and Amy Mullen, Director, from the Recollective Research Services team, had the opportunity to share their perspectives on some of the key findings from one of the newest sections of the B&I report, AI in Everyday Life.

In her GRIT commentary piece, Navigating the Uncertain Path of AI: Cautious Optimism and the Future of Insights Professionals, Laura explores how insight professionals are adapting to a new wave of technological disruption and the tension that exists between the excitement and skepticism around AI, both personally and professionally. The article goes on to highlight some potential benefits and cautionary flags to watch out for as we all continue to navigate the future of AI and research.  If you haven’t already, you can read the full article here.

Amy also had the pleasure of participating in an expert panel for the GRIT Forum, led by Executive Editor & Producer of Greenbook, Lenny Murphy, to discuss the AI revolution and shed some light on Recollective’s own AI vision. In case you missed it, please watch the recording below.

And finally, all of us at Recollective would like to give a HUGE thank you to all of our customers, partners and colleagues for their continued support. Our year has already been one worth celebrating with the introduction of our new AI capabilities and our brand refresh (just to name a few) and there’s so much more on the horizon!

“I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Recollective’s product team to learn about their roadmap, vision and strategy. They are making decisions that align well with the future of the insights industry with respect to AI and the platform continues to stand out as the best qualitative research tool that blends sync and async” - Recollective Customer, GRIT Report

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