The Automation Era: The Rise of AI in Qualitative Research - GRIT Report 2024

Laura Pulito, VP of Research at Recollective, is featured in the 2024 GreenBook GRIT Insights Practice Report with her commentary on "The Automation Era: The Rise of AI in Qualitative Research.” Here, we share her insights from the GRIT Report and what lies ahead with the influx of AI in qualitative research. Laura was also invited to speak at the GRIT Forum on May 15, 2024, which brought together several of the GRIT Report commentary contributors to discuss these industry trends.

In the ever-evolving landscape of market research, automation has emerged as a pivotal force, reshaping the way researchers conduct their work. At Recollective, we are steadfast in our commitment to refining and developing innovative technologies that help automate the research process, enhance efficiency and elevate outcomes.

With automation now integrated into researchers’ daily lives, we are now able to accomplish more in less time, amplifying productivity without compromising quality. This transformative shift is not merely about speed; it's about redefining the research paradigm, enabling researchers to delve deeper, analyze more comprehensively and unearth insights with unprecedented precision.

As automation advances, there’s a discernible pivot towards the integration of AI which offers unparalleled capabilities, particularly in analysis where complexity and volume have always posed significant challenges in qualitative research.

As seen in the GRIT report, text data analysis stands at the forefront of AI automation adoption along with image and video analysis. However, the adoption of AI-assisted automation hinges upon accessibility and awareness along with educating researchers on how it can help transform their individual research practices.

At Recollective, our goal is to do just that – not only provide tools to help with automation but to make them accessible to everyone while also working with our customers to ensure they are leveraging the technology to meet their needs best.

Our platform boasts AI-powered features that streamline analysis, offer more accurate transcriptions, auto-generate key takeaways from video sessions and perform study-specific pattern recognition. By defining study objectives within Recollective, researchers can tailor AI algorithms to align with research goals, ensuring relevance and precision in insights generation. Paired with our suite of built-in tools, Recollective enables researchers to create custom study templates, quickly access automated chart generation and extract insights on-the-fly.

But our commitment to innovation extends beyond technology; it's about fostering collaborative partnerships that drive ongoing evolution in research automation. Through collaboration and automation, we're not just saving time but reshaping how research is conducted—empowering researchers to unlock deeper insights and shape the future of the industry.

Interested to hear more from the GRIT Forum? Watch below for the complete recording.


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