Free Pre-Launch Checks For Your Qualitative Research Projects

whether you're a seasoned online qual researcher who's familiar with Recollective or brand new to the platform, our priority has always been to make sure your project launches and runs without issue.

Get peace of mind on your next project—and every project—with free Pre-Launch Checks from Recollective.

We understand that every research project is unique and every project is important. So whether you're a seasoned online qual researcher who's familiar with Recollective or brand new to the platform, our priority has always been to make sure your project launches and runs without issue.

That’s why, back in 2012, we created the unique Recollective Pre-Launch Check (PLC) service. The idea was that for every project you build on Recollective, our team of platform experts will help to ensure that its programming and configuration are free of errors and optimised to deliver success.

The Recollective Support team will thoroughly review your programming and site configuration for errors or potential issues. This free service generates a PLC document customised to your project and itemises areas of concern and detailed recommendations for improvement using an intuitive "traffic light" system that draws attention to the most urgent items.

Typically a Pre-Launch Check is done when your setup is complete, one or two days before a project goes live. It takes one business day to complete and you should ensure there's enough time to implement its recommendations before launch.

Recollective customers buying project licenses have always had the option for a free Pre-Launch Check. Customers with annual licenses were previously limited to 3 PLCs per year.

Starting in May 2023, we've removed that limitation so that annual license customers can take full advantage of a free PLC on any new study launching within their site.

We offer this great service because we want every project to be a success. You can benefit from Pre-Launch Checks in two ways:

  1. Peace of Mind: Having another set of expert eyes reviewing every aspect of the project builds confidence that nothing has been missed and there will be no unforeseen issues once the project goes live.
  2. Education: A PLC is a great way to improve your understanding of the platform. The document you will receive will have detailed information on how to use Recollective to drive maximum value for your project.

To request a Pre-Launch Check, project-based customers can simply click on the banner that appears at the top of your site or reply to the email you receive prior to launch. Annual license customers should contact the Recollective help desk to schedule a review. It’s that easy!

No time to do a Pre-Launch Check? No problem! We’re happy to do a quick check after launch to help assess small changes you may be able to make on-the-fly to optimise your current project.


"Oh wow! Thank you - very thorough! We'll go back in and address these things - this is super helpful!"


"Thank you so much for the detailed Pre-Launch Check! I’m always so impressed by how meticulous the Recollective team is with ensuring a smooth platform, and it’s incredibly helpful to have someone check over it in case anything’s been overlooked."



We are in this together and we want every project to go off without a hitch. We strongly recommend you use the service. It's free and available to every customer for every project. Please reach out with any questions you may have.

We look forward to our next project together!

"Incredibly happy - the pre-launch review is invaluable and caught a few things that were overlooked in the set-up. Thank you!"

Natasha O


"Just a quick note to say that we really like the new pre-launch check template – the colour coding makes it nice and clear and, like before, having the hyperlinks makes it super easy to go straight to the issues that need resolving. Nice work Recollective team!"

Abigail P


Steve Thompson

Let's research happy together