New From Recollective: The Connected Community Solution

If you’re a market research agency or brand that conducts survey research, you know just how valuable it is to have engaged panelists. After all, we all know that highly engaged respondents yield higher participation and completion rates, ultimately leading to better confidence in your research findings. However, engaging a panel audience is more challenging than ever for researchers in today’s digital world. With high participant churn, time consuming and costly re-recruitment and tool overload, market researchers need to find ways to engage their research participants effectively and efficiently.

To help address these challenges we’re thrilled to announce the launch of two groundbreaking products: Recollective Connect and the Recollective Qualtrics Integration. These new offerings comprise a connected community solution that promises to revolutionize the way market research agencies and brands interact with their panelists.

How does Recollective Connect Work?

Built on the foundation of Recollective’s robust market research technology, this all-in-one connected solution combines respondent management, forums and community home pages with the rapid ability to redirect to quantitative surveys, launch qualitative studies or link to other research tools for a seamless research experience.

There are many different ways this solution can be put to work for you and your team. We characterize a few of these as the Community Collection, the Engaged Survey Hub, the Express Qual Hub and the Fully Connected Research.

Community Collection

Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and welcome to a data-protected, streamlined process. Using Recollective Connect, you have full control over your respondent community - from who gets to be included, what information you’re sharing, to when and how you engage with them professionally.

Engaged Survey Hub

Minimize respondent churn and save on recruiting costs while seamlessly integrating the platform with your existing survey tools (like Qualtrics XM). With enhanced survey visibility, respondents can see what they have to do on the Home Page without the need to migrate off of any survey platform they currently use.

Express Qual Hub

Experience the rewards of faster to field qualitative research. With quick access to a community of ready-to-engage qualified respondents, your organization will be more responsive and insight-driven than ever before. And don’t forget about those insights from past studies and discussions. These can be saved and accessed to use in future research as well.

Fully Connected Research

Combine the Community Collection, Engaged Survey Hub and the Express Qual Hub use cases for the ultimate connected research solution. Allowing for maximum scale and long-term, always-on qual studies and the ability to leverage your valuable data with powerful AI summary, theme and question capabilities.

“Recollective’s Connect platform is an ideal solution – it allows us to pre-recruit and maintain a large swath of a client’s customers and prospects over time for targeted (re)use and serve up ad hoc quant and qual research on demand, at speed, scale and cost efficiency." - Jennifer Adams, SVP, Digital Hives & Online Communities, Big Village

The Future of Participant Engagement

From advanced panelist screening to external survey connection, Recollective Connect has a variety of robust features that will help you better focus on gaining valuable insights from your audience and accelerating your research process.

Key features of Recollective Connect include:

  • Respondent Database
  • Respondent Screening
  • Segments
  • Custom Profile Fields
  • Secure Login
  • Customizable Home Pages
  • Email Broadcasts
  • Forums
  • Survey Connection
  • Rapid Qual Studies

Respondent Database

Build and scale your respondent community, from thousands to hundreds of thousands of people. Source from anywhere to build a home in Connect.

Respondent Screening

Ask screening questions (including video) to capture profile data, qualify individuals and segment them.


Basic or smart rule-based segments enable you to easily manage subgroups of respondents in bulk. Set access and direct to surveys based on segments for complete control.

Custom Profile Fields

Import or capture custom data points for panelists with Profile Fields. Store text, poll choices, numeric values, videos, dates and more.

Secure Login

Provide single sign-on and optionally enable OKTA, OAuth or two-factor authentication for maximum security.

Customizable Home Pages

Intuitive drag-and-drop Home Pages make it easy to communicate and engage your community. Restrict access based on role or segment.

Email Broadcasts

Send or schedule emails to members. Use your own “from” email address and save customized templates.


Keep your community members highly engaged between surveys and qual studies using always-on discussion Forums.

Survey Connection

Send participants to third-party surveys via links that can also track survey completions. Tightly integrate with your Qualtrics platform.

Rapid Qual Studies

Click to create qualitative research studies in Recollective and seamlessly route respondents to participate in live or asynchronous activities.

New! Recollective Qualtrics Survey Integration

With the launch of Recollective Connect, we are also very excited to introduce the Recollective Qualtrics integration. This efficient, no-code integration enables researchers to effortlessly import Qualtrics participant data into the Recollective platform and seamlessly guide participants to complete Qualtrics surveys. It takes mere moments to set up and is included in all Recollective licenses.

Unleash the Power of Connected Research

If you’re looking to streamline your research process and boost participant engagement for good, Recollective Connect is the solution you’ve been looking for. Start building your Recollective Connect community today. Request a demo here.


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