Unlocking Actionable Insights: Recollective AI Phase One Features Now Widely Available

Over the past few years, as the promise of AI began to materialize, Recollective envisioned the many ways AI could enhance qualitative research. Central to this vision was introducing time-saving, AI-powered features that will help researchers plan, implement, moderate and analyze studies more effectively within the Recollective platform. As many of our customers know, we've been diligently building, testing and collecting feedback on key foundational features through the Recollective AI Beta Program. Today, we're thrilled to announce that the first wave of new AI tools are now available free of charge to all our valued customers with a standard Recollective license.

Built upon the success of our AI transcription technology, which significantly enhanced the accuracy and reliability of text data extracted from audio and video recordings, come the following AI features for supporting the rapid identification of actionable insights:

“Recollective is the best solution for online communities and qualitative projects. The platform’s usage is very intuitive, and the new features for analyzing the results help gain insights and address the project’s objectives faster and more efficiently.” - Ana Vanegas, Wise Market Insights

AI Summaries: No Insight Left Behind

Recollective’s AI Summaries eliminate the time-intensive effort of reviewing your participants’ video responses. The comprehensive AI analysis examines the transcript and delivers an accurate and reliable summary without missing any critical information, meaning you can have confidence that no key insights are slipping past unnoticed. 

AI Key Takeaways: Get an Objective Perspective

Recollective's AI Key Takeaways delve deeper into recordings from your live video-based research, automatically uncovering prominent topics from the transcripts. That means researchers gain a fresh, unbiased perspective that can aid them in rapidly revealing potential patterns when comparing Key Takeaways across separate sessions.

"The experience we have had with Recollective AI has been very valuable in identifying themes from group discussions and interviews, helping us validate nuances and helping kick-off our reporting process more efficiently.” - Miguel Martínez-Bacó, VP, Research & Innovation Strategist - Directions/Seek

AI Study Objectives: Set a Course for Precision

We understand that each research project comes with a unique set of objectives. Furthermore, context is everything when it comes to analysis. That's why we've introduced Study Objectives—a feature designed to enable you to provide that context, vastly improving the AI's focus and ensuring its output makes sense against your specific research goals.

Building the Future of AI for Qualitative Research

As we continue to innovate and expand the Recollective AI roadmap, our dedication to providing solutions tailored to researchers' evolving needs remains unchanged. We're committed to developing each new feature hand in hand with our customers, just as we've always done. Feedback from researchers like you helps us to refine and continuously improve our AI capabilities.

This is just the beginning of Recollective's AI journey. Our aim is clear: to enhance your expertise, elevate your research endeavors and unlock insights that drive meaningful change. While our current AI tools focus primarily on video research, we are crafting new AI tools to aid in your asynchronous research. Stay tuned for more on this very soon!

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